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Wunda Chair - Swan

January 22, 2016


Objectives: strengthen back extensors, develop scapular stabilization, emphasize abdominal control


This exercise is valuable for teaching the crucial role of the abdominal muscles during spinal extension and the skill of load distribution through the spine when executing back extension exercises. Often, as soon as the abdominal muscles are activated there is a tendency to draw the trunk into flexion. As a result, when the trunk is then lifted, the majority of the extension occurs in the lumbar spine, placing excessive load on this region. This is completely contrary to the effect we are striving for. Correct abdominal activation should provide support for the spine and, together with the back extensors, assist in creating a long, evenly distributed arc through the trunk.




Describe the movement as the person goes through it. Make the directives simple and to the point. It is easier if you break the move down into short segments that are coordinated with the breath pattern:


Inhale: Starting in a prone position with shoulder over wrist. Legs long and engaged with toes pointed. Lengthen from crown of head to toes. Use back extensor muscles to lift upper portion of body.


Exhale: Lower down to start position.






Ensure that both shoulders stay away from the ears and hand pressing down and back towards the foot pedal. Establish a gentle arc shape, rather than excessive hyperextension in the lumbar region. Exercise should not be performed by individuals with spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, mid-late stage pregnancy, or facet joint syndrome.





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