InStep Pilates | 722 W 19th Street Ste A, Houston, TX 77008 | | 832-600-6296

                  Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 6am to 7pm & Sat - Sun 8am to 2pm

Servicing the greater Houston regions and its surrounding areas

(Downtown Houston, Greater Heights, East Downtown, Midtown, Houston Heights, Timbergrove, Shady Acres, Garden Oaks/Oak Forest)

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History of InStep Pilates

January 16, 2016


Houston is currently known as the largest city in the state of Texas and the fourth largest in the United States. Few Houstonians know the history of downtown and how this large town became what it is today. InStep Pilates (ISP) is honored to be in a space where the materials for the downtown sky scrappers were transported through.



Back in 1906 a company by the name of Erie City Iron Works resided on Nance Street.  When the city of Houston decided to start building downtown with iron and steel, this company supplied the materials for those buildings. Along Sterrett Street, one can still see the rail road lines where the bins were transported into what we know today as Downtown Houston. The other studios, such as Dakota, William, Bayou, were covered into luxury lofts. The Sterrett Street Studio was converted into studio spaces for local artist to practice their music and also other small business owners.


The current space of InStep Pilates was first occupied by a carpentor who build our beautifully custom bookself. Later the space was renovated and occupied by an investmnet firm called Greenlet. At the end of 2015, ISP took over the lease, tore down the walls and create its openess and transformed it into the place it is today.



InStep Pilates (ISP) also has a history of it’s own; let us look back on how it all got started.  The name InStep Pilates started when two sisters sat down to brainstorm a name that would incorporate and represent the Pilates  repertoire.  Pilates is a form of body conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates during World War I and was called "Contrology"; it later became what we know today as Pilates and focuses on developing the powerhouse and flexibility of the spine. The movements are specifically choreographed and can be performed at various levels.  The word “in-step” signifies the synchrony of the muscles and the body’s movement in performing each Pilates exercise.



Pilates focuses on developing the powerhouse and

flexibility of the spine.



The name InStep Pilates laid dormant, until three years later it found its place at the Sterrett Street Studios and opened its doors in 2016.  The ISP team is devoted to helping individuals to achieve strength, control, and balance in everyday life steps. We embody each individual's uniqueness and create a Pilates session that leads them toward their ultimate fitness, health, and life goal.



The ISP team is devoted to helping individuals to

achieve strength, control,  and balance in everyday life steps.



As a studio, we are also working towards a green initiative.  A few of the steps we have taken are paperless forms, online scheduling, and digital workout plans. Our energy is supplied by 100% renewable sources. We are using eco-friendly cleaning supplies and microfiber towels to clean our equipment rather than the abrasive disposable wipes. All the small rooms are equipped with motion sensors and LED lights to conserve energy when the room is not in use. Our business card are made with 100% recycled paper and our beautiful front desk has been made with barn wood and shipping pallets.  To continue our green initiative, we have chosen  to use washable hand towels and hand soap made from natural products in our restroom. ISP will continue to find ways to create a culture of conservation within our studio.



InStep Pilates will forge ahead to grow our roots at Sterrett Street Studios and invite you to join us for your Pilates journey and make future memories alongside with us.