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6 Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Pilates Studio

February 22, 2016

So you have decided to mix up your physical activity to try something new and have stumbled upon Pilates...Now what? Well, here are six questions to consider when looking for the Pilates studio that will suit your needs and deliver the best quality service that you are looking for.



1. Does the studio specialize in a private/duet or a class setting?


Pilates studios in most cases will often have a preference in the type of session they offer, however, some may even offer both privates and classes. At that point, determine which type fits your needs and goals; private vs class setting. Also, do not hesitate to ask if your assign instructor has a preference between the two. 


2. How much does a single Pilates session cost? Does the studio offer a introductory offer? Bulk package deals?




The pricing of the sessions will typically reflect the quality of work and training you will be receiving. An introductory offer is a great way to test the water and determine if Pilates is right for you; and also to see if you like the studio, your assigned instructor, and the atmosphere that you will be in during your journey through Pilates.




3. What types of amenities does the studio have to offer? Changing room? Bathroom? Refreshements? Accepted forms payment? Online Scheduling?


Amenities that a Pilates studio offers a pleasantness and ease throughout your Pilates journey. Conveniences, such as online scheduling, multiple forms of payment, etc., allows you to do things at the pace of your life and schedule. You can book and purchase session at any time without having to wait for a call back or searching for a pen to write a check.


4. Does your assigned instructor have past experience in working with clients that require extra attention (i.e. injuries/surgeries, limited range of motion, pregnancy, etc.)?


If you require extra help or attention in your current point in life, such as surgery or injury, be sure the instructor has experience specific to your situation or something similar. We recommend private sessions if you have severe injuries or if you are pregrant since your instructor will be more diligent towards your needs and will adapt the sessions to your suit your current abilites and challenges. As your get stronger the instructor will be still be able to adjust work to continue you towards your health and fitness goal.



5. What can I expect from a one-hour session with the instructor? Does the instructor have a predefined set of exersice? Is there any documentations regarding my sessions? 


A trained instructor will adapt and vary your session based on the

previous session and how you feel that day.  The variety of exercises will show that your instructor is diligently creating a Pilates repertoire that will keep in focus on your fitness and health goals, while challenging you at the same time.  Note taking and record keeping from your instructor shows that they are highly investing in your well-being to ensure that you receive the best experiences through your Pilates journey.



6. What type of certification and what background does your instructor have? 


Be sure that your Pilates instructor recieved their certifications through a program that requires 450+ teaching hours to pass a written test. Some of the main certifications there:  BASI, PEAKPMASTOTT. Instuctors from these type of programs have comprehensive training in the repertoire of Pilates.









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