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Wunda Chair - Tricep Dips

February 12, 2016

Objectives: triceps, core control, scapular stabilization


Dips are intense and effective isolation exercise that help develop powerful and defined triceps. This exercise is a good way to directly focus on your triceps, while stabilizing the rest of the body. While the exercise looks simple, be sure to keep the abdominals active with a slight tuck in the pelvis to prevent the tailbone from catching the end of the Wunda Chair. Also, the tricep dip is a challenging exercise because your are pressing your entire body weight using the strength of the triceps muscles, which are relatively small, compared to your back or chest muscles.




Describe the movement as the person goes through it. Make the directives simple and to the point. It is easier if you break the move down into short segments that are coordinated with the breath pattern:


Inhale: Start seated at the end of the Wunda Chair and arms by your side holding edge. Make sure your chest is wide and shoulders are down and away from the ears. Feet are in a Pilates V, with heels together and toes apart, on the foot pedal. Carefully slide your bottom off the chair to hover. Bend your elbows down to a 90-degree angle to lower yourself down, while keeping the shoulders away from the ears.


Exhale: While keeping the foot pedal still, slowly straighten your arms. Restore your body to its original position while avoiding hyper-extension of your elbows. Note that hyper-extension can take a toll on your elbows if done in exceeding amounts






Exercise should not be performed by any individuals with weak or injured shoulders. Limit the range of motion to a 90-degree bend in the elbow joint, this reduces the stress on the shoulders and decreases the risk for injury.



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