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Cadillac - Roll Up

February 5, 2016

Objectives: core control, strengthen abdominals, axial elongation, spinal articulation, scapular stabilization


The roll up is a classical Pilates mat exercise; it's one of the first moves you will probably learn when you start Pilates. This exercise is a great way to build control and strength throughour your core muscles. Remember to keep the movement rhythmic and controlled as you roll down and up. Do not use momentum, doing so will overwork the hip flexors, neck, and back muscles




Describe the movement as the person goes through it. Make the directives simple and to the point. It is easier if you break the move down into short segments that are coordinated with the breath pattern:


Inhale: Lightly press roll bar down using latissimus muscles and feel an axial elongation of the spine.


Exhale: Initiate the movement from your pelvis as you create a c-curve with your spine and continue to roll all the way down until the sacrum makes contact with the mat. Lengthen down  pressing each vertebrae into the mat until your head rests down onto the mat. Keep pressing the roll bar down using your lattissimus muscles.


Inhale: Engage your transverse abdominis by activating your abdominal walls and pull it back towards your spine. Press the roll bar down towards your hips. Chin nod prior to lifting your head and scapulae of the mat.


Exhale: Continue to bring the mid spine and lower back off the mat. Maintain a c-curve in the spine as you pass through the sitting position. Reach arms out parallel to the floor.


Inhale: Press the roll bar straight down and you lenghten your spine up toward the ceiling. Feel the similar axial elongation of the spine at the start of the exercise.






Exercise should not be performed by any individuals with neck or spine injuries, osteoporosis or disc problems.


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